Dog Friendly FAQs

What are your pet fees?  We don’t charge any pet fees!  If there is damage or significant pet clean up required, you would be charged for the damaged item or incremental cleaning fee.

How many dogs can I bring? If you are bringing more than 3 dogs, send us more details about your pets & group so we can determine if there is sufficient space for both humans and dogs at your selected cabin.

Are big dogs welcome?  Yes!  We don’t have any size restrictions at any of our cabins.

Do you have breed restrictions?  We do not restrict any breed, including bully breeds.

How big are your fenced yards?  Texas Big Cabin = approximately 1.5 acres.  Texas Little Cabin & New Mexico Cabin = approximately ¼ acre.

Are your fenced yards secure for little dogs?  Yes!  All our fences are secured with sturdy wire mesh.  The wire extends down into the ground, below the fence line.  If your dog can fit through a four inch square, then they can squeeze through the mesh.

Can dogs jump over your fences?  Our fences are approximately five feet tall.  If your dog is prone to jumping or climbing fences, then they can scale these fences.  We recommend you do not leave your dog unattended outside.

Are your cabins suitable for reactive dogs?  Yes!  All our cabins are secluded, with little or no nearby foot traffic.  You can also rent out both Texas cabins, to have the entire seven acres to yourself with complete privacy.  Note:  There is frequent wildlife such as deer at Lazy Pines New Mexico.  The Texas cabins are next to private hunting land, so there is occasional gunshots during hunting season.

What rules do you have for dogs?  We trust our dog parents to be responsible pet owners when visiting our cabins, so we don’t have a long list of rules.  However, we ask for a few courtesies such as using the provided dog blankets on the furniture/beds, cleaning up all pet waste, and not leaving dogs outside unattended while you are away.

Do you offer any dog specific amenities?  Yes, quite a few!  Beds, blankets, towels, food/water bowls, shampoo, waste clean up station, treats and toys.  We also provide a large kennel at the Texas Big Cabin.  During the summer, we have plastic kiddie pools at both Texas cabins.

Do you allow cats or other animals?  At this time, we only allow dogs.

Do you treat the property for fleas/ticks?  We have not had any issues with fleas or ticks, so we do not use chemical treatments for fleas/ticks in the yards.  We keep the grass short as a natural deterrent.  Since our cabins are surrounded by nature and wildlife, we do highly encourage you to use flea/tick prevention on your dogs.

Still have questions? Send an email to: [email protected], text or call: 469-450-6889.

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