Best Hiking Trails in Ruidoso

Big Bonito Loop Trail

There are so many great trails in and around Ruidoso. Here are some our favorites that are close to Lazy Pines, easy to find, dog friendly, and not too difficult!

Alto Lake Loop: Just 2 miles from Lazy Pines, this is the closest trail to the cabin. It’s approximately half a mile around the lake and easy enough for the whole family (very flat). On the east side of the lake, is a connecting trail called Eagle Creek Trail. It’s about two miles long, and has more forrest views, wildlife sightings, some cool bridges and a waterfall!

Cedar Creek Trails: Six miles from Lazy Pines, these trails are located within the Lincoln National Forest. There’s easy parking and multiple well groomed trails.

Ruidoso River Trail: Also known as “Two Rivers Park” and “the Fairy Trail”. This one is close to downtown Ruidoso, and has ample parking. It’s 1.25 miles and paved the entire way. It follows the river and has plenty of shade. It’s called the Fairy Trail because there are tiny fairy and troll houses hidden along the trail at the base of trees (summer only). 8 miles from Lazy Pines.

Moon Mountain: Moon Mountain is called a recreation area, because there is an 18 ‘hole’ disc golf course that winds up and around the mountain. It covers over 600 acres, and there are several trails. You’ll also see the aftermath of the 2022 McBride fire here, with fallen and charred trees. This is a reminder of how sacred and precious our forests are! 7 miles from Lazy Pines.

Grindstone Lake: 8 miles from Lazy Pines. There’s a trail that follows the lake front. And there’s five adjacent trails for even more exploring with incredible views! Easy parking. Plus, in the summertime, the Wibit Water park is open at the lake. Note there are parking fees from May – September.

Perk Ridge Trail: 9 miles from Lazy Pines. This is a gorgeous trail that meanders next to a stream and through gorgeous pine trees. You might get lucky and spot the wild horses out here! It’s almost 3 miles long (5.5 miles out and back)

Mescalero Lake: 11 miles from Lazy Pines. This lake is part of the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino. You can park by the lake and enjoy the trail along the lake front.

Big Bonito Trail: The furthest one from Lazy Pines at 14 miles…but worth the drive! It’s a 17 mile loop and there are other trails nearby to explore. The views are just beautiful, with babbling brooks, trees, rock formations. Cell service is limited out here, so make sure you have proper GPS.

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