Dog Friendly Cabin near Ruidoso 

Dog Friendly Cabin Ruidoso

Are you looking for the BEST dog friendly cabin for your vacation to Ruidoso? Look no further! Here’s our top 10 reasons that make us the MOST dog friendly cabin in the area: 

  1. No Pet Fees: You heard that right! We don’t charge ANY pet fees! 
  1. Huge Fenced Yard: Cabins with fenced yards are very few & far between! We custom built the fence so that the pups are secure…while making sure your views of the mountains & wildlife aren’t obstructed 
  1. Big Dogs Welcome: Are you tired of being turned away because your dog is too big? You’ll be welcomed with open arms here.  
  1. Multiple Dogs can come: Do you love dogs and can’t have just one? Yep! We get it! Bring the whole family (we want you to be comfortable during your stay, so just ask us if you have multiple dogs and want to know if there is sufficient space!) 
  1. Be respected as a dog parent: Our dog parents are some of our most respectful guests! We trust you to take care of our property and look after your dog without needing a long list of dog rules on how to do that! 
  1. Pack Less: We provide so many dog amenities, you can leave most of your dog gear at home! We have two giant dog beds inside, and two outside. Plus, a long list of other amenities such as extra dog leash, dog bowls, dog towels, shampoo, treats, waste pickup gear, etc. 
  1. Stress Less: We know you worry about the mess your dog might leave behind like dog hair or muddy paws. That’s why we have wood flooring throughout the entire cabin, a leather (not fabric) couch, and cleaning supplies to care of the unexpected. 
  1. Gated Decks: As you enjoy lounging on the wrap around decks, the dogs can safely hang out with you. You can easily close them off on the upper deck if you don’t want them going down to the yard alone. 
  1. Understanding hosts: We have two dogs ourselves and designed the cabin knowing exactly what we want as traveling dog lovers. Seeing your dog happy on vacation and enjoying our cabin makes us very happy! 
  1. Beautiful Design: Dog friendly doesn’t have to mean ugly decor or dirty floors! Lazy Pines is decorated with modern furnishings and our cleaners are wizards at keeping everything super clean for the next guest! 

Lazy Pines is putting the FRIENDLY back in Dog Friendly! You can have full confidence when you stay with us that not only will the humans have a wonderful time, but the pups will enjoy a relaxing & comfortable vacation too! Book your stay at Lazy Pines here. We are located in Alto, just minutes from the Village of Ruidoso. 

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