Day Trips near Ruidoso

Although Ruidoso has plenty to keep you entertained, if you are staying a little longer, you may want to explore the surrounding areas. Here are some fun day trip ideas near Ruidoso. If you are looking for a cabin during your visit, we hope you choose Lazy Pines

1. White Sands National Park: Just 90 minutes from Lazy Pines, White Sands National Park is a must-visit destination. Known for its stunning white sand dunes, this park offers hiking trails, picnicking, and views of the surrounding mountains. And it’s dog friendly! Insider Tips: In the warmer months go first thing in the morning as the sand gets hot! They also offer Moonlight hikes once a month during the full moon! 
2. World’s Largest Pistachio: On the way to White Sands National Park, make sure to stop at McGinn’s PistachioLand to get a picture with the World’s Largest Pistachio, explore the pistachio farm, enjoy some ice cream, and shop their large collection of pistachio related food and gifts. Also a dog friendly stop! 
3. Lincoln Historic Site: If you’re a history buff, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Historic Site, just 30 minutes from Lazy Pines. This site tells the story of the infamous Lincoln County War and the life of Billy the Kid. Dogs are allowed if you carry them or they are in a stroller. 
4. Cloudcroft: Take a one hour scenic drive to the charming town of Cloudcroft, located in the Lincoln National Forest. Enjoy hiking, shopping, and dining in this picturesque mountain town. The dogs will enjoy this dog friendly town as well! 
5. Roswell: Venture out to Roswell, New Mexico, 90 minutes from Lazy Pines, and visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Learn about the alleged UFO crash that took place in Roswell in 1947 and explore the museum’s extensive collection of UFO-related exhibits. Insider Tip: Stop at the J Kenneth Bird Sanctuary and enjoy the dog friendly trails (the trailhead starts at the parking lot). 

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