Dog friendly things to do in Ruidoso

Dog friendly Ruidoso

Ruidoso is an outdoor paradise, and is very dog friendly! Here are several & activities that you can enjoy with your dog:

Winter Park: Winter Park offers year around tubing! Although dogs are not allowed on the tubing hill, they are allowed in the park on a leash.

Ski Apache: Ski Apache is a ski area that allows dogs on a leash

Enchanted Vine: Located in Alto, just minutes from Lazy Pines, you want to check out this winery! They are open daily, have weekly events (like live music, yoga, and farmers markets), and a fun outdoor area with picnic tables and grassy areas. They are very dog friendly! They also have a store in midtown called Noisy Water Winery which has a dog friendly patio.

Sleigh rides: You can bring your dog on winter sleigh rides in the Village (Thanksgiving through December 31). They just ask that the dogs don’t bark at other people or the horses. And if they are shedding dogs, please bring your own blanket.

Eateries: Check out our other blog post that lists all the restaurants, breweries, bakeries, coffee houses that are dog friendly.

Hiking Trails: Most of the hiking trails in the area are dog friendly and do ask that dogs be kept on leash. There are a lot of wild animals along the trails, and we want our dogs to be safe! We have an entire blog with our favorite area trails.

Lakes: The three area lakes all have hiking trails that are dog friendly. You can also fish, kayak, paddle board, etc with your pups in the summer! Our blog details lake information here.

Disc Golf: There are several disc golf courses in Ruidoso, and they are all dog friendly. There are courses at Grindstone Lake, Moon Mountain, Wingfield Park, and Ski Apache.

Dog Park: Ruidoso has a great dog park with separate small dog & big dog sides. There is seating for the humans and water for the dogs. There are trees and grass with some large dirt areas (which can get muddy).

Paved Multi Use Trail: Right next to the dog park is a 3 mile loop, paved trail. It wraps around the golf course so it’s scenic with frequent wildlife sightings (such as deer, elk, and wild horses). There are multiple places to park for easy access.

If you need a place to stay when you come to visit, please consider Lazy Pines! We are not just dog friendly, but dog spoiled! We have a fully fenced yard, no pet fees, no size restrictions, and tons of dog amenities. Your dog deserves a vacation too! You can book online or call us at 469-450-6889

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