Ruidoso Monthly Weather and Seasons

Ruidoso Monthly Weather and Seasons

Ruidoso, New Mexico is a beautiful mountain town located in the southern part of the state. It is known for its stunning natural scenery and year-round outdoor activities. In my opinion, every month is perfect in Ruidoso. There is definitely a season for everyone!

January is the coldest month, with average highs around 48°F and lows around 20°F. We love the handful of snowy days we get, with an average of 8 inches of snow.

February is another chilly month, with average highs in the low 50s and low 20s at night. The town receives an average of 7 inches of snow during this time. The snow usually stays around for 3-4 days, then melts until it snows again.  It’s a special treat if you can time your trip during a snow day!

March brings a slight increase in temperature, with average highs of 57°F and lows around 26°F.  The snow starts to melt, and we get a mix of snow and rain. I call this the ‘muddy season’.  Bring good hiking boots!

April is a beautiful month, with sunny spring days in the mid 60s and crispy evenings in the low 30s .  The snow has fully melted, and this is the windiest month.   High winds can sometimes cause pine trees to fall into power lines, causing power outages.

May bring gorgeous days averaging a perfect 72°F and lows around 40°F.  The days are perfect – warm and sunny.  However, the dry air means the start of wildfire season.  We are extra cautious about anything that could spark a fire!

June is the warmest month in Ruidoso, with highs around 80 and lows in the mid 40s.  There is very little rain in June, so the mountain grasses turn brown and brittle.  Note:  Because of the mild temps, a lot of cabins don’t have central air conditioning.  Lazy Pines has very good AC!

July is another warm month, with similar temps as June (80s during the day and 50s at night).  Mid July starts “monsoon season” which usually means afternoon thunderstorms pass through regularly.  We love the rain after a few dry months on wildfire watch.  

August is still warm, with average highs of 78°F  and lows around 50°F .  August is a mix of sunny blue skies, and regular thunderstorms.

September is a pleasant month, with highs around 73°F and lows around 44°. This is usually the last month of monsoon season. Everything is nice and green, and the tall grass makes the local elk, deer and wild horses very happy!

October brings cooler temperatures, with the highs dropping to 65°F and lows in the mid 30s. There’s not a lot of fall foliage in Ruidoso, because of the beautiful always green pine trees.  Watch our short video driving up the Sierra Blanca Mountain, when the aspens are brilliant yellow!

November is another cool month, with mid 50s during the day and mid 20s at night. We expect the first snowfall of the season towards the end of November, and Ski Apache usually kicks off their ski season shortly after Thanksgiving.

December is the second coldest month, with temps in the high 40s during the day and dropping into the low 20s at night.   This is the snowiest month, with an average of 12 inches.  The Village looks like a scene from a Hallmark movie in December for the holidays!

You can’t go wrong visiting Ruidoso any time of year.  When you are ready to book your trip, consider staying with Lazy Pines!  We are a cabin designed for dogs, with a fully fenced yard, no pet fees and big dogs are welcome.  Our heat and AC work beautifully all year long and we have a fire pit to cozy up to on chilly nights.  Click here to book your stay!

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