Top Reasons to Vacation in Ruidoso

If you are looking for your next place to vacation look no further! Ruidoso, New Mexico, is the perfect place to visit! Come for the weekend, or stay for the week. No matter how long you stay, you’ll wish it was longer. Here are our top reasons why we love Ruidoso and think it’s the best vacation place!

Great Weather: No one wants to talk about the weather. Yet when it’s miserably hot or cold outside, all you can think about is how to escape to some place else! Ruidoso has you covered! In the summer, expect highs in the low 80s, cooling to crisp 50s at night. Freezing winter weather got you down? Yes, it drops below freezing at night, but you’ll enjoy mild temps in the 50s during the day, usually with plenty of sunshine!

Nearest Ski Slope to Texas: Did you know that Ski Apache, in Ruidoso, is the closest skiing to Texas? For most of Texas, you can drive to Ruidoso in less than 12 hours (even if you live far east or south). If you live further west, you can be on a ski slope in just a few hours! Best of all, Ski Apache is just 30 minutes from Lazy Pines!

Wildlife: The abundant wildlife is one of our favorite things about Ruidoso. Deer & Elk freely roam the local forests and grassy areas and can be seen as you drive around town. There are also herds of wild horses that wander and graze the area. Rarely does a day go by without spotting at least one of these magical creatures from the road or even outside your cabin door!

Local Activities: You’ll never be bored when you visit Ruidoso! The Village calendar has weekly events, including local bands, festivals, sporting events, live theater, and the list goes on. The local wineries, breweries, casinos, retails stores and performing centers all offer entertainment throughout the year. Tip: Follow us on instagram to stay up to date on what’s happening every week.

Dog Friendly: At Lazy Pines, we LOVE our dogs (Comet & Dasher) and our guests dogs. If you enjoy vacationing with your dog, then this is the place for you! You’ll find many dog friendly restaurants, hiking trails, even a dog park for off leash fun. Lazy Pines welcomes dog guests with a fully fenced yard, doggy Adirondack chairs, and other amenities (like treats, dog bowls and towels).

Outdoor Fun: If you are looking for nature’s playground, this is it! You’ll find hiking trails, three local lakes, mountain views, soaring pine trees. Year around sports, like snow skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, tubing, boating, ziplining, ATV rides, and more. Check out our other blog posts for detailed information about area activities.

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