Tips for traveling to Ruidoso with your dog

Traveling to Ruidoso with your dog

Leash your dog in unfamiliar areas.  Even if your dog has perfect recall, you should leash your dog when exploring any new area.  You have no idea what unexpected terrain lies ahead,  wildlife or other people and dogs.  If you want your dogs to have more freedom, consider using a long line (25’ or even 50’).  Hiking trails within Lincoln National Park and most trails around the lakes require dogs to be leashed.

Prepare for the unthinkable.  What if your dog gets separated from you and you can’t find them?  Even if your dog is microchipped and has dog tags, consider a GPS tracker.  Some dog owners use the Apple Air Tag, but it has its limitations and Apple specifically says they don’t recommend it as a reliable dog tracer.  (The dog would need to be within so many feet of another iPhone device for it to be found – which might be difficult in a wilderness area)

Assume your dog’s normal behavior might be different in a new environment.  If your dog never destroys or chews inappropriate things at home, they may have fear or anxiety in a new environment with new routines.  Even if they never need a kennel/crate at home, you should consider whether that will keep your dog calm in a new environment, especially if you plan on leaving them alone while you enjoy other activities.

Don’t leave your dog unattended outside, even in a secured (gated or fenced) area.  Your dog will miss you and may feel afraid if left alone in a new place for very long.  They might dig under a fence or even jump over it trying to find you – things they  may never do at home.  Also, consider the wildlife in the area, especially for smaller dogs.  Ruidoso is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains, with an abundance of wildlife.  Most of the wildlife is not harmful to dogs, such as elk and horses.  However, there are sightings of bobcats, cougars, and even occasional bears in the area.  If you have a tiny dog, even eagles can be a source of danger for your pup.

Take you dog with you to explore the area.  Ruidoso is very dog friendly and they will enjoy exploring new places.  Our blog post lists several activities you can enjoy with your dog.  We also have a list of dog friendly restaurants in the area.

If your activities in Ruidoso just can’t accommodate a dog, such as attending a wedding, then consider dropping them off for some pampering at a local doggy daycare!

Lazy Pines loves hosting travelers with dogs!  Watch our video about our dog friendly amenities, including no pet fees or size restrictions!  Click here to book your dog friendly stay with us or call 469-450-6889.

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